About Pro Agility Dog

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining!   This was true for me. After being injured in a car accident I couldn’t train as I normally would, so I came up with some new ideas about dog safety and agility training techniques.

The first idea was very obvious to me as I learned from experience that the dog seat belts available on the market are only designed for show. This led me to re design these seat belts in a way that I would feel safe using them for my own dogs. The PAD belt was born!

Recovering from the accident, but still wanting to train, my next big idea was finding a way to train contacts for people that have limited mobility or may have no natural talent to click at the right time.  This led me to the idea of the Pro-Click!

I learned by experience about ‘water ingestion’ (‘dry drowning’). After a short swimming session one day, one of my dogs collapsed after getting out of the water. He had swallowed water while swimming. Preventing my dog from swallowing water was the only way he could continue to swim confidently and safely.   So I can honestly say that it was my dog who designed the Swim Safe !

I love my job of teaching agility, and training dogs.  I am passionate about my dogs, and their safety. I want to share these ideas to others that have the same passion.

The whole process has been long, with prototyping, manufacturing , and then protecting our products with patents.


This is just the start as we still have more new ideas to enhance the lives, training and safety of our dogs .

The Pro Agility Dog company was formed !

Our Team:

Michelle Johnston. Inventor /Dog Trainer.

Megan Burns. Marketing and Design.

Jonathan Tisseau. Web Design/Web Master

Gary Johnston. Generally everything Michelle can’t do!

Thanks to the people that made Pro Agility Dog possible:

Jonathan Tisseau for all his help, advice and expertise.

Megan Burns for all her hard work, advice, and the creation of our logo!

Piers Bowman, for his help and expertise in engineering.
Birgit Hommery, Corinna Körner, Alfredo Tuset and  Barbara Soprani for their help with the translations.
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