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Rubber Binder 1kg
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  • Rubber Binder 1kg

Binder for granules 1kg


Method 1(Skin)

Consistes of applying the binder on the surface before the rubber granules. The rubber granules are then sprinkled over the binder, embedding them into the binder.  (Tools needed spatula, trowel, tape and gloves)

The finished surface leaves a soft non slip surface of rubber granules. Compared to methode 2, the surface feels slightly softer to the touch due to the granules NOT being coated in binder. This keeps the natural shock absorbent characteristics, grip and feel of the rubber.

This method requires the least preperation and is the easiest of the 2 methods to acheive. Requires 4kg of rubber and 0.75 kg of binder for every 1m².

Instructions on our Youtube channel. HERE

Method 2(Mat 6mm)

Consistes of thoroughly mixing the rubber granules with the binder before applying them to the surface.  (Tools needed: large mixing bucket, mixer, trowels, tape and gloves)

Often used in playgrounds and sport grounds, the finished surface is much thicker than the "skin" method and gives increased shock absorbent caracteristics. Due to the rubber granules being coated in binder, the colours of the granules become much more vibrant too and due to the thickness of the finished surface, this method is the most hard wearing of the two.

This method requires more rubber and binder but results in a far more durable and professional product. For appoximatly 6mm thickness, this method requires 7.5 kg of rubber and 1.2 kg of binder for every 1m².

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