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  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers
  • Agility Hoopers

Aluminium Agility Hoopers


Pro Agility Dog's Innovative Aluminum Hoopers - Engineered for Safety and Performance

  • Discover Pro Agility Dog's Aluminum Hoopers, available in two designs for added safety and performance.
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions, these Hoopers offer exceptional value and durability for years of fun with your canine companion.
Hooper Design

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Introducing Pro Agility Dog's unique Aluminum Hoopers, crafted to enhance your dog's agility experience!

Choose from two innovative designs that cater to your dog's safety and performance needs.

The Classic Style Hooper features a single foot and base bar, providing easy mobility and impressive stability.

This time-tested design is perfect for those seeking a reliable and traditional Hooper.

Our exclusive Pro Agility Dog's No-Bar Style Hooper eliminates the ground-level bar, offering two smaller feet for stability instead.

This groundbreaking design prevents your dog from accidentally stepping on the bar and ensures an obstruction-free surface for smooth runs.

The No-Bar Style Hooper is also more compact, making storage a breeze.

Both of our Aluminum Hoopers are exceptionally stable and designed to flex when knocked, reducing the chance of falling over.

They're weather-resistant, so you can leave them outdoors all year round without worry. Hoopers is a rapidly growing dog sport, originating in America and the UK, and gaining popularity in Europe.

It showcases your dog's ability to follow your guidance through a course of specially designed hoops, without jumping.

Hoopers is an inclusive sport, perfect for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, and for handlers with limited mobility.

It's an excellent way to provide exercise and mental stimulation for your furry friend.

Setting up your Pro Agility Dog Aluminum Hoopers is quick and easy, ensuring more time for fun and bonding with your canine companion.

Don't miss out on this exciting dog sport – order your Aluminum Hoopers today!

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